Sunday, December 22, 2013

Question from Ashley - Succession to the throne if Arthur had lived

If Arthur had not died at the age of 15 would he(after henry The 7th had died)have still become king??or is it likely that henry would have dared to seriously challenge his brother arthur's right to the throne even though they were very close to each other despite the fearsome reputation henry later earned during his own time as king??


Kate said...

Arthur would have succeded his father. Henry was being groomed as many second sons were for the church. Henry would have come to the throne if Arthur died without issue or if all Arhtur's issue also died. Henry was not a despot when he came to the throne, He was a true renissance man. His behaviours and personality shifted in his early 40's. He was a remarkable man and king

Karen Kidd said...

As Kate said, Henry being as he was at the time, it's highly unlikely he would have challenged his brother for the throne.

Some other things to consider are the years that would have passed, with an Arthur who did not die continuing to be groomed as the future king. Recall, he'd been married young and while he may not have consummated the marriage right away, be probably would have over the years the followed. Meaning he could well have been crowned king with an heir, and possibly a spare, already born.