Sunday, August 19, 2012

Question from Marie - Personalities of the Tudors

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Edward vi (Henry the eighth's son) personality was like. I am also curious as to the personalities of his sisters Mary and Elizabeth.


shtove said...

Ed VI's diary - judge for yourself:

Anonymous said...

Edward VI
he was intelligent, kind, pious, charming, and stubborn. He also had a bad temper.
He liked hunting,and playing tennis.

Mary I
she was clever, caring, cunning, and devoutly Catholic.
But she had a lack of rebelliousness and courage, and she also was stubborn, like her brother.
She liked reading, and playing music.

Elizabeth I
She was bright, witty, kind, very clever (could speak six languages), and fun-loving. But she was also vain, selfish, and like her brother she had a bad temper and was stubborn.
She liked learning, writing poetry, and playing music.