Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Question from Nia - Even more crime and punishment

im a high school student studing social life in tudor england and i need to learn more about the case of laws orders/crimes and punishment in the area as its my first time studing this area.

1: how were laws reated to their importances and punishment and how are they compared with morden laws?
2: why were laws fabricated who made the decisions for punishments and how did laws effect the people positively or negatively?
3: how were laws enforced and what methods were used to overcome this process and what were the outcomes?

thanx for helping :)

[I've lot track of the number of "Crime and Punishment" questions we've had, so I'll point everyone to the search box at the left to get to previous threads. If anyone has good recommendations for new resources that haven't come up before, please post them! - Lara]

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