Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question from Orla - Biographies of Margaret Tudor

Can anyone recommend a good book on Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland? I've read Maria Perry's book, but has anyone read any others?


Lara said...

I haven't read it cover-to-cover, but Patricia Buchanan's "Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots" (1985) has been a good reference for me. I wish it had chapter notes though.

There is also an older book from the 1950s by Michael Glenne called "King Harry's Sister" - I have it but I haven't read it so I can't tell you anything about its accuracy. And there is another dual bio with Mary (like Maria Perry's) by Nancy Lenz Harvey called "The Rose and the Thorn" (1975).

Considering it's been 30 years since a bio of just Margaret, it might be time for another! (Preferably one with source notes)

tudor princess said...

There's also "The Sisters of Henry VIII" by Hester Chapman which covers both Margaret and Mary.

Again, this is 30 years old and the material is probably out of date but Chapman is always readable.

Lara said...

Oh yeah, I forgot that one! My copy is titled "The Thistle and the Rose" and subtitled "The Sisters of Henry VIII".

Orla said...

Great, thanks very much
I'll try and hunt down a copy of one of them