Monday, February 21, 2011

Question from RW - Robert Bauding and the Lincolnshire Uprising

Hello, I am from Lincolnshire and interested in local history. At the moment, I'm researching the Lincolnshire Uprising. I want to find out more information on one of the leaders, Robert Bauding. I read that he was the cook of a prominent gentleman, and wondered who it was and if he was implicated in the uprising?

I appreciate any responses.

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Foose said...

He turns up in Letters & Papers as Bawdynge, and was examined on October 23, 1536:

"Robt. Bawdynge of Spyllysbee 'sometime cook to the lord Wyllybye [Willoughby] who died nine years past' ..."

So as a dead man, Willoughby's in the clear as far as the uprising is concerned. This was probably the Lord Willoughby who died in 1526 and was the father of Katherine Willoughby, who married Charles Brandon as his fourth wife.