Friday, August 13, 2010

Question from Marilyn R - Form of address for Kathryn Howard before queen

I am doing research on the old Dowager Duchess of Norfolk’s household in Lambeth. As the daughter of a younger son of the late Duke of Norfolk, what would have been the correct form of address for Kathryn Howard when she lived with her step-grandmother, before her marriage to Henry VIII? She seems always to be referred to as ‘Mistress Kathryn’ in the documentation relating to her relationship with Henry Manox etc.

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Marilyn R said...

Thanks Taryn

I ought to have had the courage of my convictions & stuck with what I've always thought - namely that since Lord Edmund Howard was of the lowest rank of the peerage, his daughter would be addressed as Mistress Kathryn or Mistress Howard. To be addressed as Lady Kathryn she would have to be the daughter of an earl or above, even though she was a Howard. I've had the chance to check it out since I posted this question and I think that's correct. There's so much contradictory information out there that I've started doubting myself.

Thanks anyway