Thursday, August 05, 2010

Question from Jerusha - Late medieval medical practices

I am in the medical field and also very interested in 14th and 15th century history. I would love to find books about medical practices of that time but don't know where to start looking. Suggestions would be appreciated!


Lara said...

You might keep an eye out for the book "Medicine and Society in Later Medieval England" by Carole Rawcliffe. It might be a good starting place (I have the book but have only skimmed it so I can't give you a thorough review).

Marilyn R said...

Hi Jerusha

If you go back to 9 March 2009 on this site you will find responses to a similar question from Caitlin where I give details of some cures used by Dr John Hall, Shakespeare’s son-in-law. I know he was later than the period you have specified but his ‘Select Observations on English Bodies’ is worth a read , & I’ve given details of publisher, etc.

Also, if you Google 'ORB medieval medicine'

or 'Netserf medieval medicine'

you will come up with loads of source materials, including the one suggested by Lara.

Hope you find what you need.

Marilyn R