Saturday, April 17, 2010

Question from Stacey - Documentaries on Mary I

I have 2 questions - one, was Anne Boleyn pregnant when she was executed? I have read & seen several things that say she was & then there are others that don't mention it.
Also, does anybody know of a documentary on Mary I? Other than her parts in other documentaries, I can't really find one on her.

[The first question was addressed in the thread below. I think someone has said that Weir has since changed her mind on the hypothesis. - Lara]


Nasim said...

There was David Starkey’s series, "Edward and Mary: The Unknown Tudors" which aired in 2002. However the documentary is not available to purchase on DVD.

George said...

According to Alison Weir in Henry VIII: King and Court, Anne was pregnant when she was executed. Here's a link to an article: