Sunday, November 01, 2009

Question from Maria - Mother of Henry VIII's son Edward who died young

With whom did Henry VIII have the child Edward who died young ie was it Mary Boleyn or Catherine of Aragon's lady in waiting


kb said...

There is no record of Mary Boleyn giving birth to a child named Edward by Henry VIII.

I suspect your source has confused the births and names as Jacqueline suggests.

Lara said...

Repost of Jacque's comment:

Henry did not have an illegitimate son called Edward, so far as anyone knows. His only acknowledged illegitimate child was Henry Fitzroy, son of Elizabeth (or Bessie) Blount, who was on of Katherine of Aragon's maids of honour. Mary Boleyn's two children, Katherine and Henry Carey, are sometimes thought to be Henry VIII's, although there is no definite proof for this as he never acknowledged either. I have read sometimes on Internet sites that Henry VIII had an illegitimate son called Edward, but I as I have never heard of this from a reliable source, I think that people have confused the names of Henry's legitimate son, Edward VI, with Henry Fitzroy (I actually saw someone call Edward VI "Henry Jr." on one website).

TheRoseCrowned said...

The mother of king Henry VIII's son who died young was Jane Seymour.Jane seymour died of childbed fever at the age of 29 years of age.Janes son Edward who later became Edward VI upon his late fathers death died at 15.