Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Question from Lindsey - TV Renaissance documentary from the 80s or 90s

I have a question regarding a television documentary on the Renaissance which I saw back in the 90s (possibly the late 80s). I distinctly remember a segment on Elizabeth I as a Renaissance queen: there is a re-creation scene in which she is being carried in a litter and greeting her subjects in the good ole Elizabeth I fashion. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

I also believe that a companion book was published at the same time the series was broadcast here in the U.S. I am trying to find out if the series was ever available on VHS or dvd because I would very much like to see this well-done documentary again.


kb said...

Sorry. I don't seem to remember this. Have you checked with The Folger Library, or possibly PBS?

Lindsey said...

Thanks, kb, for your suggestion. It seems no one remembers this series or perhaps just missed it altogether! When I get a chance, I will take your advice.