Friday, August 28, 2009

1000th post

Wow - 1000 posts since November 2005!

Thanks again to everyone for the interesting questions and informative answers. You guys made this blog the success I hoped it would be when I started it. Here's to the next 1000!


Kristian said...

Thank YOU Lara!
I absolutely LOVE your blogs and Q&As and I know you put a ton of work into them.

I also thank all the incredibly intelligent and learned posters who answer our questions or debate the topics here. Love all your insights!


Ladyhoby said...

thanks to you Lara and this site you have brought my interest in Elizabeth back into my life and now hooked on all!! aspects of the Tudor life and the characters in it.

being new to the web and definitely to the blogging world, i now feel as if i have friends that understand and are willing to listen to me when i rabbit on, even if we don't always agree and now an aspect of my life which most of my work mates and friends have never understood is being fulfilled

thank you all please
keep up the good questions and i look forward to answering some of them
(lady hoby)

Kathy said...

*high fives* to you, Lara, for giving us this wonderful site!

tudor fanatic said...

This site is absolutely amazing, Lara, and without it I would feel totally alone in my interest for the Tudor period. I don't think I could find anything out without it!

Ps Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I was on my hols (vacation, I mean) and had no internet access.

Colleen said...

Thank you Lara! I love this siteand recommend it to everyone I know who has even a passing interest in Tudor history. And it's the only internet resource I trust for my own writing research. I'd be lost without all of you knowledgeable people :)

Joan said...

Congratulations Lara on the 1000th post milestone. I would like to thank you for initiating the site in the first place and for all the work you do to maintain it.

Thank you to everyone for your interesting questions-from students to more advanced tudorphiles. Thanks for the all responses as well. I really appreciate the experts-PhD, kb etc. for taking the time to share their knowledge.