Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Question from Sharon - Websites with photos of Tudor artifacts

I have not yet been to England but when i go I plan on visiting historic Tudor sites. In the meantime, I have been trying to find websites that have photos of Tudor artifacts (jewels, clothing, writing) much like what is included in this site. The only thing I have found so far is the Showtime Series "The Tudors" website. Does anyone know of any other sites?


Roberta said...

Try checking out Claire's blog/site here:
Her jeweler actually makes the jewelry for "The Tudors". Hope this helps, Roberta

PhD Historian said...

Have you tried going to the websites of the various museums and art galleries and, using the keyword "Tudor," searched their "Collections" database? Most museums have an online collections database, though it is sometimes "hidden" under tabs labeled "Explore" or "Search the Collection" or "Highlights."

Doing that for the British Museum through their "The Museum" tab and then the "Explore" tab turned up over 40 items, all with photos and descriptions. And that's just one museum! Also try the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of London (my personal favorite), the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, and others.

Lara said...

Ditto everything PhD Historian said (especially about the Museum of London - fascinating place! I need to get back there again).

I would also add the Royal Collection -

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone!! Just what I was looking for!

Lucretia said...

The site linked below has a collection of portraits, portrait jewels and clothing replicas of the Tudor and Elizabethan periods.

There are links within the site for portraits of each of the Tudor monarchs and James I. The "Various Portraits" link is the one I really like: it goes to chronologically-listed paintings from all over Western Europe from that time period. "Costumes" has, among other things, Elizabethan-style costumes used at the re-created Globe Theatre.