Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Question from Gervase - Princess Diana's vs Prince Charles' royal blood

Can anyone tell me how Princess Diana had more royal blood than Prince Charles. I had read and heard that many times. I am curious as to the bloodline she had from the royals.


Marilyn R said...

Charles and Diana are both descended from James I and therefore share the same royal pedigree back to William the Conqueror. It is with Charles I and his son Charles II that their ancestry took a different turn.

Charles II had 14 children with mistresses, but none with his wife, Katherine of Braganza, so the throne went to his brother James II, then to James’s daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange, then to Mary’s sister Anne. Anne had no surviving offspring so the nearest Protestant relative was the Elector of Hanover in Germany, who became George I; he was the grandson of Elizabeth, sister of Charles I and aunt of Charles II. It is from these Hanoverians that our present Queen is descended.

One of the children Charles II had with his mistress Barbara Villiers was Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, whose great-great-great granddaughter, Lady Adelaide Horatia Seymour, married Frederick, 4th Earl Spencer; they were the great-great grandparents of Lady Diana Spencer.

Although Diana was directly descended from Charles II and Prince Charles is ‘only’ descended from his aunt, does this make her the more royal of the two?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the answer is yes. But not to worry (if anyone is worried) cos Prince William is equally more royal than his own father being logically a direct blood decendent of the Merry (and Randy) Monarch.
Blood is thicker than water even if it's delivered via the back stairs.
The Stuarts have a little more to toast now than the mere Gentleman in velvet.
MT Ireland.

Unknown said...

All about the bloodline when it should have been about love.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard that she was more royal, but she definitely had more English blood than Charles, who is mostly of German ancestry. I remember it being a cause for celebration amongst the aristocracy, when it was announced he was marrying her. William, the Duke of Cambridge, is more English than his father,Prince Charles. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge's son, Prince George, is more English than any of the Royals put together.

Anonymous said...

Yes she is a descendent of the royal garter and a direct descendent of King James of which my family (Gledhill) is 10th from King James and owned Barkisland Hall In Yorkshire and they are descended from this

Unknown said...

Based on my Ancestry I am a "Prince of The Royal Blood" King Henry The 8th is my 14th Great Grandfather and Lady DI is my 8th Royal Cousin...We both Decend From Henry and King Arthur (Pendragon)
(The Real King that the myths and Legends are based) Im an Endicott My Family Sirname is from Devonshire (Modern Devon)England.

Anonymous said...

King Henry VIII has no decendents. His children Mary I, Elizabeth I, Edward VI and Henry Fitzroy all died childless. King Arthur has not been proved to exist.