Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Question from Sarah - Amount of information on Tudor v. Stuart crime and punishment

Hey guys, why is there sooo much more information on crime and punishment in the tudor period and hardly any on the stuart period ?

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PhD Historian said...

I am not certain exactly what you mean, Sarah. There is a great deal of information on Stuart-era crime and punishment available. The primary sources for the Stuart era are actually more plentiful and cover a wider range activity. And just a quick search of the RHS Bibliography of British and Irish History reveals about 950 listings for studies of "crime and misdemeanour" for the period 1500-1600 versus over 1400 for the period 1600-1700. That's 50% more for the Stuart era than for the Tudor era.

Are you looking for information on some specific crime or punishment? Give us a little more information and perhaps we can help you along.