Thursday, May 07, 2009

Question from Kate - Music recommendations

Hi everyone. I absolutely love everything that has to do with Henry the VIII and the Tudor Dynasty. I've looked around and tried to find music from that era but have not come across anything. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Tudor court music available.
Thank you.


Lara said...

You might want to look for "All Goodly Sports - The Complete Music of Henry VIII" if you're looking for his music in particular. I bought mine online since most of the music stores in my area have very little in the way of early music.

Roland H. said...

There is a good CD by composer David Munrow of authentic 16th century music used for the movie Henry VIII and His Six Wives (starring Keith Michell and Charlotte Rampling).

You can often find it on, or at

If the link does not work, type in: Henry VIII and His Six Wives,
and select the MUSIC search selection.

Lis said...

For CD's of general music of the era, you could look on the following website:

DeclareJeNos said...

Here is my list of recommendations, all of which I own (having accumulated them over the course of my schooling/BA/MA/Dip/Cert/PhD research). I have attempted to keep to the more academically 'popularist' composers/works to give an overview of the musical period.

Beware that some discs happen to contain later composers (eg. William Byrd born circa 1540, who probably wasn't even old enough to be a chorister at the time of Henry's death!) and that the consort selection is also intended to help with an understanding of the Tudor musical education and in the case of the In Nomine disc, show the birth and musical legacy of a form which would continue to thrive well into the C17th. I have also tried to vary the recording artists to give you an idea of the different types of “historically informed performance practice” sounds available...

The Tallis Scholars - Taverner, Tye & Sheppard: Western Wind Masses
Oxford Camerata -TALLIS Spem in alium / Missa Salve intemerata
The Sixteen - Eton Choirbook recordings

Alamire - Great Music from the Court of Henry VIII
Musica Antiqua - Madame d'Amours:Music for Henry VIII's Six Wives
Sirinu - All Goodly Sports: The complete music of Henry VIII

Consort Music:
Fretwork - In Nomine (includes complete consort works of Tallis)
Baltimore Consort - Gut, Wind and Wire
The Rose Consort of Viols: Four Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal

Kate said...

Great, thank you for all your recommendations. I'll have some fun now hunting for some good music.