Thursday, May 21, 2009

Question from Mary Ann - John Ashdown-Hill

This may be somewhat off topic since it involves the Plantagenets but I hope someone can help. There is a book by John Ashdown-Hill about Eleanor Talbot. Can anyone tell me anything about Mr. Ashdown-Hill? I'm seriously considering buying the book and would like to know something about him. Thanks for any help you can give!


PhD Historian said...

Did you try a Google search using his name? It reveals that he was a PhD candidate at Essex University in 2007, and that he has done a great deal of research on the reign of Richard III and associated events. The RHS Bibliography of British and Irish History lists 17 publications (articles, book chapters, whole books) under his name.

I would assume his book on Talbot is probably soundly researched "legitimate" historical writing.

Arabella H. said...

John Ashdown-Hill is a very active and prominent member of the Richard III Society. So perhaps this an important factor. He has researched on Lady Eleanor Talbot and her putative marriage to King Edward IV for more than a decade. I understand that his book is about this issue and her life. I should perhaps mention that I am a former member of the Richard III Society.