Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Question from Holly - What if Katherine of Aragon had not died before Anne's execution

I'm wondering about some opinions. What do you think would have happened if Katherine had not died before Anne was executed? I wonder because I remember reading somewhere that because Katherine was already dead, there could be no arguement that Jane was queen and Edward the legitimate heir. Do you think that Henry would have gone back? Doesn't seem likely to me but I wonder how this would have all "gone down" (so to speak!)


Elizabeth M. said...

I wonder this, too. My own guess is that henry probably would have taken no action against Anne for a while. With Katherine alive, had he discarded Anne, he might have been compelled to take her back. I am not sure of all the politics involved. But I would guess that as long as Katherine was alive, Anne was safe. If he got rid of Anne while Katherine were still alive and then married Jane Seymour, there would probably have been some ugly feelings among the Imperialists as to why he left Katherine in disgrace while taking yet another mistress to wife.

Luvprue1 said...

According to some historian, Henry VIII weigh his that very same option. Henry was told if he divorce Anne, he would have to take Katherine back...something he once consider....But realize didn't want to do. I sure it was nothing against Katherine( He always thought of her as a good wife), He just didn't want to hear her "I told so, imo. Plus taking back Katherine would mean taking back the catholic church/the Pope, and admitting he was wrong all along.So only the death of his first wife could free him from his second wife.