Thursday, March 12, 2009

Question from Mimi - Katherine of Aragon's final years

I would like some information about how Katherine of Aragon spent her final years after her divorce from Henry VIII.


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You might try Garrett Mattingly's biography of Katherine from 1942. Though quite old, it is still the standard work.

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This comment was from Luv, but accidentally submitted under another post:

According to author Karen Lindsey, Queen Katherine was became increasingly ill in December . She wrote Henry VIII to request money to buy Christmas present for her servants.She made out her will ,leaving the few treasure she had left to Mary. On December 29 it became apparent that Queen Katherine was dying. Ambassador Chapuys ask Henry VIII if it was o.k if he visit the sick Queen, and he also request that the king allow Mary to see the queen. Henry agree that Chapuys can see Queen Katherine, but he would have to check with the council about that. When Queen Katherine died she was comfort by Ambassador Chapuy,and her good friend Maria de Salinas,and her ladies in waiting brought comfort to good Queen. Chapuy stay for 3 days. Queen Katherine wrote a letter to Henry VIII pardoned him of all his wrong he had done to her,and requesting that he be a good father to Mary.