Sunday, May 11, 2008

Question from France - Cities and towns

First things first, very nice webiste. It has helped me with my researh project. I still have a question though, and i don't think it was covered on your site. I wanted to know, how was the cities like in tudor times (16th century,in England)? Like the attractions like castles, churches, architecture? I can't find any information on this so hopefully you'll have an answer. Links are always good too. Thank you very much in advance.

I am in 9th grade, i have an essay to write on the cities and towns in England during shakespeare's time.


Lara said...

Howdy! I'm glad that you have found at least some of the site useful so far. As you've seen, I haven't gotten around to doing much with cities as a whole yet, although I am eventually going to try to add stuff like that to the Architecture, Towns and Cities section:

Here are a few link you might find helpful:
(These are actually more medieval, but you might find them interesting and helpful)

Here's some info on London specifically:

Anonymous said...

For my research paper on Shakespeare, I'm using a book by James Barter called "A Travel Guide to Shakespeare's London". It's a small book. but it tells very interesting details about London in the late-16th to early 17th centuries. Check it out from the library, it might help. They have whole chapters on architecture.