Thursday, April 12, 2007

Question from Jill - Anne Boleyn's burial

I have multi-part question about the burial site of Anne Boleyn. Everything I have read indicates and initial internment at St. Peter ad Vincula (which is what the tour guides at the Tower of London claim is the final resting place). However, there are other versions that indicate a different final resting place. One version indicates that her "friends" removed her remains and re-buried them in a Norfolk churchyard. Another indicates that her heart was removed and buried in a Thetford churchyard. Is there any truth to these claims?

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Anonymous said...

Have you checked either of the academic biographies of Anne Boleyn? I do not recall the titles of either one, but one is by Dr Eric Ives and the other by Dr Retha Warnicke. One or the other may have the information you seek. Both should be avaiable at any university library or a larger public one.