Friday, April 27, 2007

Question from Patricia - Letter of Elizabeth I in the Tower

I am looking for any letters that Elizabeth I wrote while she was in the Tower of London. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, was Elizabeth's "Tide Letter" written while she was in Tower of London or somewhere else?


Lara said...

To address the second part (I might be able to help with the first, but the book I need is at home), the "Tide Letter" was written while Elizabeth was waiting to be taken to the Tower. The "Tide" name comes from the fact that they missed the tide because she stopped to write the letter. Clever girl!

Lara said...

I checked in "Elizabeth I: Collected Works" ed. Leah Marcus, et. al and there weren't any letters in there between the Tide Letter and a letter from 1556 at Hatfield. So, I'm guessing that there aren't any known letters from the time she was in the Tower. Also, I would think that her communications would have been pretty restricted while she was in the Tower, so it is possible that she didn't write many (if any) letters during that period.