Friday, April 13, 2007

Question from Brian - Tudor family history

Hello, my name is Brian Tudor Harris Jr. My grandmother is from england. just want to know how to look up family history to see where i am related to the tudors. thanks

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Anonymous said...

I doubt that you can "look it up" easily in a single book or something. You will need to do some research, since very few families have recorded lengthy family histories. Start with your grandmother ... where she was born, who she married and when. Then find out who her parents were, where each of them was born and when, and how many children they had. Then work your way back up the family line. The most common way is through birth certificates, baptismal and marriage records, and death certificates, all available at the record office for the county in which each ancestor lived. You will have to track back almost 500 years, or about 25 generations, in order to find a Tudor link. Good luck!