Sunday, March 04, 2007

Francis Drake's return to Plymouth

I am trying to find out the date inwhich Sir Francis Drake returned to Plymouth after he fought the Armada. I have look everywhere and have been unable to find this information.
Even a month will do, but possibly which end of the month. I know he returned to Plymouth with a lot of the fleet as they set about refitting their ships for the Drake Norris Expedition of 1589...can anyone help me please.


Anonymous said...

They fought the Armada at the very end of July and early August, so probably not far after that.

Anonymous said...

I looked quickly through Garrett Mattingly's magestrial book, "The Armada," which is stil one of the best works on the subject, but found no specific reference to Drake's return to Plymouth. The English fleet in general came into harbor after August 18, though some portions of it pursued the Armada north up the Channel for several days after that. Might Drake have been one of those pursuers? Mattingly does not say.