Saturday, September 16, 2006

Question from Lizze - Graduate schools

I want to get my Masters and Doctorate in Tudor history, but I don't now which school offers this program. Would someone please help me?

[this question has come up before, but there weren't many responses, so I thought it would post this one too -- Lara]

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Anonymous said...

Having just completed a PhD in Tudor history, I can perhaps offer some assistance here. Tudor history, and British history more generally, has unfortunately become very "unfashionable" among universities. Thus many of the programs that once existed have become downsized or eliminated entirely (for example, UC-Berkeley). That said, there are still a few European history programs with faculty who specialize in late medieval or early modern English and/or Tudor history. My recommendation would be to do as I did: take a degree in Early Modern European history (1500-1789) and do your thesis on Tudor England. I did mine at Univ of Colorado at Boulder, but my advisor (who did late medieval and Tudor England) has just retired and will not be replaced until next year or after. Here is a list of graduate programs that I am aware of that have a good reputation and a faculty member working in Tudor or early modern English history:
Arizona State - Retha Warnicke (late medieval and Tudor women's history, probably retiring before too long); Univ of Nebraska at Lincoln - Carole Levin (fantastic to work with, sub-specializes in Elizabeth I); Northwestern University - Ethan Shagan (early modern Britain); Princeton - Peter Lake (quite a character, impossible program to get into though). If Lara can convey my email address to you, I would be happy to correspond with you about these and other possible options.