Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Question from Veralidaine - Where the Wives are Buried

I am doing some research on the six wives of Henry VIII for a history project at school (I am a 9th grader). Do you know if any of the six wives' tombs are as of yet unknown to the world? Or are all six tombs' locations known? I would greatly appreciate any help on the matter.


Lara said...

They are all *mostly* known (I'll elaborate below).

Here's a quick run down of where they all are --

Catherine of Aragon - Peterborough Cathedral
Anne Boleyn - Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula (Tower of London)
Jane Seymour - St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle
Kathryn Howard - Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula (Tower of London)
Katherine Parr - St. Mary's Church at Sudeley Castle

The only one I haven't had a chance to see in person is Catherine of Aragon.. next trip!

Now, the one caveat is that there is some question as to whether or not the bones of Anne Boleyn that were said to be hers during Victorian renovations really are. And I think the same goes for Kathryn Howard. So we know the building they are buried in, but it's hard to say with any certainty that their remains are under their plaques in the chapel.

Anonymous said...

The Boleyn and Howards were Family related so you could expect this kind of thing....The Boleyn family also had property in Hever.