Friday, June 09, 2006

Question from Michael - Info on Sir Anthony Knyvett

The responsibility for the building of Southsea Castle was initially given to Sir Anthony Knyvett. I have looked in vane for information on his background and his family. Does anyone know where information about him and his family may be found?


BritishNut56 said...

The only information I've been able to find is from the book by Alison Weir "Henry VIII, The King and His Court".

Anthony is mentioned briefly. Along with Francis Bryan and William Compton, he was a member of Henry's Privy Chamber and felt the displeasure of Wolsey. It was felt that this group of young men were detrimental to the way Henry should behave; although intelligent, these companions could be a bit rowdy.

In a purge of this Privy Chamber, Anthony was able to keep his place.

Anniina said...

Anthony Knyvett was the son of Sir Thomas Knyvett of Buckenham, Master of Horse for King Henry VIII. What makes researching him difficult is that 1) the name is variously spelled as Knyvett, Knyvet, Knivert, Knivet, etc., 2) there were two other men by the name of Anthony Knyvett living, at roughly the same time period.