Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Question from Joshua - Countries and the Tudors

hi,in school im learning about the tudors and where they came from,i have 3 questions to ask;
what countries did the tudors know about in 1489?
countries that the tudors had discovered by 1527?
countries that the tudors did not know about?

thank you for your help


Stephanie Cook said...

Well, I don't have a ton of support for this, but Columbus sailed, by mistake, to the Americas in 1492. During that time period, Europe would have known about Asia, because of their contact with the Middle East (they paid Arabs to pass through their land and make trades with the far East) They would have known about Africa, perhaps they didn't know exactly what the heart of Africa looked like but they would have known the general shape and area because of exploration. Really, Spain, and likely the rest of Europe including England knew about Africa and Asia, but not America and other islands, yet to be discovered in the coming centuries. Yet, they really didn't know about specific countries, only territories that hadn't been extensively explored. I mean, there are still places to this day that no European or "white man" has never set foot in, but we know that it exhists.

Anonymous said...

im doing this to at school so could you tell me if they knew about australia? by thursday please

Anonymous said...

oh and did they know about um.....
antartica :) ty

Anonymous said...

Im stuck on the same question as Joshua. Did they know about north and south america??