Saturday, April 08, 2006

Question from Lara (a different one!) - Lettice Knollys & Elizabeth in Tower

Does anybody know if Lettice Knollys was one of Elizabeth's ladies during her imprisonment in the Tower of London? I had always been under the impression that she and her family had fled to Germany during Mary I's reign, but the BBC drama "The Virgin Queen" and several historians claim that she had stayed in England with Elizabeth. So I was simply wondering if anybody really knows for sure or if its all conjecture. Is there any contemporary evidence to support either claim?

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Anonymous said...

Lettice was most likely in Basel Switzerland, as her father and brother were listed as students at the university there during the period when the Knollys family fled England during the Marion Emigration.

(for more complete discussion of Lettice in general, see my discussion sections in the Wikipedia article)

--Sally Harms Brice