Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Question from Orla - Lands and manors of Arthur, Henry, and Henry Fitzroy

Hi; was wondering what lands and manors were held by Arthur and Henry when they were the Princes of Wales? I'm assuming the land grants were the same; that anything Henry held had once been Arthur's. And also what lands Henry FitzRoy held? Is there a particular county or shire where they held sway or were they scattered around the Kingdom? Does anyone know any paper or book regarding property and lands in Tudor times? Thanks

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PhD Historian said...

Any lands granted by the Crown to either Arthur or Henry as Princes of Wales would have been recorded in the Close Rolls. Most larger universities will have a copy of the multi-volume Calendar of Close Rolls for the reign of Henry VII. It is indexed, so reasonably easily searchable. There is also an online version at British.History.ac.uk, but it requires a subscription.