Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Question from Orla - Lands and manors of Arthur, Henry, and Henry Fitzroy

Hi; was wondering what lands and manors were held by Arthur and Henry when they were the Princes of Wales? I'm assuming the land grants were the same; that anything Henry held had once been Arthur's. And also what lands Henry FitzRoy held? Is there a particular county or shire where they held sway or were they scattered around the Kingdom? Does anyone know any paper or book regarding property and lands in Tudor times? Thanks

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  1. Any lands granted by the Crown to either Arthur or Henry as Princes of Wales would have been recorded in the Close Rolls. Most larger universities will have a copy of the multi-volume Calendar of Close Rolls for the reign of Henry VII. It is indexed, so reasonably easily searchable. There is also an online version at, but it requires a subscription.


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