Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Question from Julian - Early Tudor era maps and plans

Maps and or Sketches of Henry VII's City of London; - of the Palaces of White Hall, - and that of Westminster; - and/or a ground plan of the Abbey of Bermondsey [demolished immediately following the Dissolution]?

The earliest map [of White Hall Palace] I have been able to find after many hours of searching the internet dates from the 17th C. I haven't been able to find anything that shows early Tudor London, or the Tudor Palace of Westminster and the Abbey Pale as it then existed at all.

I'm researching the life of a senior King's Officer to write his Biography; and these are all Locations where the Official Archives place the man at various time during his 24yr. Service to king Henry VII,[houses assigned as his Official Quarters, Security Duties or Custodial Duties officially assigned to him], and relevant mentions in the "Rolls Series" transcriptions.

If anyone on this List knows of any "public domain" Maps and ground plans closer to the 1485-1509 Period than the 17th C. that have been digitised online , - I'd be very grateful for the URLs.


Marilyn Roberts said...

I think you will struggle. A couple of years ago I was searching for a map of roughly the same period but had to make do with:

Civitas Londinum
A Survey Of The Cities Of London And Westminster, The Borough Of Southwark And Parts Adjacent
In The Reign Of Queen Elizabeth c1560

Which can be found at:

If you want to reproduce a section of the map there will be a charge by Mapco

Have you contacted the London Metropolitan Archive?

Anonymous said...

TYVM for that. No, I didn't know about the London metropolitan Archive, so I'll follow-up that referral. I have found part of the data I needed, through two reconstructed birds'-eye views of Westminster Abbey & Pale from the South; and of the Old Palace of Westminster from the East across the River, though. Thanks to your suggestion, I've just viewed the 1560 map, and seen that it doesn't have the detail about the old palace of Westminster,and The Abbey Church & Pale. I'm also going to see what the Modern Abbey Administration Office may have in the way of a History Officer - who may know the facts I am seeking.

Marilyn Roberts said...

Wondering if any of these could be useful:




Marilyn Roberts said...

For Bermondsey Abbey have you tried:


Anonymous said...

TYVM, Marilyn, for those two other possible sources, I shall try both of them today. I am most grateful for your generous help.

Anonymous said...

Bermondsey Abbey pics most useful - didn't have them. My Target Subject was buried before the image of St. Saviour in 1513, so the grave may still be there.

Marilyn Roberts said...

Glad to be of help.

Don’t give up on finding your person of interest. I have written a book on the child wife of the younger of the Princes in the Tower, whose coffin was found on a building site near the Tower in December 1964 (see “Lady Anne Mowbray - the High and Excellent Princess” at www.queens-haven.co.uk). I believe there is a lot of excavation taking place in Bermondsey at present.

Have you seen these?

A rather fine colour image of the abbey

The plaque marking its location