Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Question from JenGin - Mary Boleyn at court in during Anne's queenship

Hello everyone,

I'm currently reading Alison Weir's bio of Mary Boleyn and there is something that I'm curious about. Weir says:

"In April 1535, as we have seen, John Hale mentioned that 'the Queen's Grace might not suffer her sister to be in the court', and so it is unlikely that Anne and Mary were ever reconciled".

Is it true that Anne couldn't "suffer" her sister to be at court? Is this John Hale the same person who claimed that Mary Boleyn's son was Henry VIII's child? I'm very curious. Thank you in advance.

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kb said...

It seems clear that Mary and her family, including her sister Anne, fell out after Mary wed William Stafford and became pregnant. In an era when family marriage was a matter of politics and economics, it was considered inappropriate that Mary wed so far beneath her station and without her sister the queen's permission. I don't know about the identity of Hale.