Saturday, April 19, 2014

Question from Emilie - Robert Dudley and Lettice Knollys banishments from court after their marriage

Just a quick question - after Ribert Dudley married Lettice Knollys, I understand she was permanently banished from court however I also though Dudley himself was banished for a time I was just wondering if this was true and if so for how long and between what years if at all possible?

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Em, Lettice was almost immediately (and permanently) banished from Court, although I understand she had one further meeting with the Queen. Leicester was attending Council meetings within a few months, although he sulked: 'November 12th, 1579, Leicester wrote to Burleigh: ‘My Lord, I have desired my Lord of Pembroke to excuse me to you and to pray your Lordship to help to excuse my not coming this day. I perceive by my brother Warwick your Lordship hath found the like bitterness in her Majesty towards me in that others (too many) have lately acquainted me withal. Her Majesty is grown into a very strange humour, all things considered, towards me, howsoever it were true or false as she is informed, the state whereof I will not dispute. …. I carried myself almost more than a bondman many a year together, so long as one drop of comfort was left of any hope, as you yourself, my Lord, do know. So being acquitted and delivered of that hope, and by both open and private protestation and declaration discharged, methinks it is more than hard … to bear so great displeasure.’ I think he was back in favour by early next year.