Saturday, April 19, 2014

Question from Cynthia - Lady Howard in 1570s New Years Gift lists

Hello! I found a web page about queen Elizabeth's new year gifts and I wanted to know who is lady Howard mentioned in the 1570s lists. Can anyone help?


Stacey said...

Can you let me know where you found that list? I'd like to see it too!


Cynthia said...

Hi,it's Cynthia!Thank you on your answer.I found it on you again.

Anonymous said...

This is Catherine Carey Howard. She was married to Charles Howard, Baron Effingham, later Earl of Nottingham. She was the daughter of Henry Carey, Baron Hunsdon and Anne Morgan Carey, Lady Hunsdon.

Catherine Carey Howard is referred to as Lady Howard in the wage records for the queen's chamber during the 1570s. She was also a favorite of the queen's. She was responsible for accepting New Year's gifts on behalf of the queen for several years.

Cynthia said...

Thank you kb.I'm glad I finally got the answer.Thank you,again.