Monday, April 23, 2012

Question from Michael - Royal burial vault in St. George's Chapel

Hello......I wrote a few months back about the royal burial vaults under the Albert Memorial Chapel in St. Georges chapel. I am still looking for any information about the exact size and location and set up of the main vault. I am curious about how one gains access to the vault....are the caskets lowered? or carried on stairs.....if so, where are those stairs? I would love to see a photo of the vault. There is a sketch on line...but a photo would be invaluable to my research. I am looking for information on exactly who is left down there that has not been moved to Frogmore burial grounds. Are the caskets just lying on shelves exposed to the air and deteriorating or are they maintained somehow.
the lucky custodial staff has a first hand birds eye view into history!! Any information at all on the royal vault would be soooo helpful. I have photos of Henry the 8ths vault...but I am looking for the main vault under the Albert Chapel......Thanks in advance........Mike

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