Sunday, February 12, 2012

Question from Ruth - History of the Great Hall at Hampton Court

What is the history of the architecture and construction of the Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace?

Principally, it's the Stained-glass windows I'm interested in: although I realise that they are not the originals, I guess that they are copied from the originals(?) Any information as to who the original artists/designers were and when they were first installed would be of great help.

I have trawled thro' masses of reference material (including Simon Thurley's Thesis), but can find nothing specific. I am awaiting a copy of Jonathan Foyle's paper via JSTOR, but it has not yet been forthcoming (and may not have the desired info!)

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tudor princess said...

Simon Thurley in his book, "The Royal Palaces of Tudor England", that from 1500, all major glazing work went to foreign glaziers.

My guess is that Galyon Hone, Henry VIII's glazier may have been responsible for the original glass.

Carola Hicks's work, "The King's Glass" which covers this in more detail, may be of help to you.