Sunday, February 26, 2012

Question from Maud - Tudor Rose at Holyrood Palace

Silly question maybe but I'm a big Tudor and Stuart freak. I recently visited Edinburgh for the second time and checked out Holyrood Palace for the second time (to show my boyfriend).

He mentioned to me and asked me at the same time "Is that the Tudor rose" when pointing to a big chair. He could be right because it looked almost exactly like the Tudor Rose.

So we went on and I kept seeing it everywhere. The symbol was on chairs, fireplaces, ceilings. So my question is: is this the Tudor Rose? I guess it isn't, I can't imagine it but it sure does look like it.

I tried Googling for a sort of "Stuart" rose but can't find anything. Does anybody know more about this mysterious symbol?


Lara said...

It probably was a Tudor rose since I recall that a lot of the Palace was built by James V, son of Margaret Tudor and James IV. I'm not sure how much of what you saw was original to that time, but it's possible. Since all of the kings and queens from James V on are descendants of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, it does make some sense the Tudor rose symbol would be used.

tudor princess said...

William Dunbar wrote a poem called, "The Thistle and the Rose" when James IV and Margaret Tudor were married so the symbolism was certainly in existence then.

Maud said...

Thanks so much guys. I forgot about Margaret Tudor somehow.