Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Question from Mary R - English monarch and the English language

This may not be exactly a Tudor question, but who would have been the first monarch to have used English as a primary language?


History Chick said...

According to Wikipedia: "In 1362, Edward III became the first king to address Parliament in English. By the end of that century, even the royal court had switched to English. Anglo-Norman remained in use in limited circles somewhat longer, but it had ceased to be a living language."

Mary R said...

Thanks, History Chick! I did wonder about that.
Something amusing: I remember one of my Professors telling us that what we consider to be polite terms for bodily functions were really the result of Norman prejudice against Anglo Saxons. Urinate and defecate derive from French words and are still not considered to be obscene. However, the Anglo Saxon words, shitten and pissen are precursors of swearwords. My professor found that out during his teens and ran that past his parents (also professors) without much success!