Saturday, June 12, 2010

Question from Stacey - Thomas Tallis

I recently watched season 1 of The Tudors. I am fascinated by all Tudor things & recognize that the series is grossly inaccurate. My question today is about the character Thomas he supposed to be Mark Smeaton? If not, who is he supposed to represent?


Lara said...

Thomas Tallis was a composer of the period, and was very much a real person.

There's a page on him at the Classical Composers website that you may find useful:

DeclareJeNos said...

The representation of Thomas Tallis in the Tudors is, as you have deduced (and I am sad to report!), entirely fictional from beginning to end! However, I do admit that the programme has opened many people (such as your good self!)’s hearts to Tudor history and I am glad that you have shown an interest in this fascinating man!

If you want to know more about Tallis, may I suggest you first see Lara’s page and also look at his Wikipedia entry (which I can assure you is accurate, thorough and has been reviewed by at least one respected senior professor at a top British academic institution and gained his approval).

If you require any more information on Thomas Tallis -the subject of my PhD– including clarification on errors in 'The Tudors', please feel free to contact me off list via Lara.

With best wishes,


ps. Although it would be quite fun to have a round of "spot the T.T. inacurancies" (just for fun) on this thread! Anyone?

Sarah said...

His Wikipedia article is great, he also has an ODNB article.