Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Question from Alex - Comparing Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn for project

I am doing a group project about the six wives of Henry the VIII for grade 11 English. My job is to cover the first two wives of Henry VIII; Catherine and Anne. I want to be able to compare them...their differences and similarities but I am having a difficult time finding any information. I was also wondering if you would have any suggestions on an interesting topic or main theme I could base these two historical figures on? Furthermore, do you recommend any other great websites besides this one(which is awesome):)

Thank you so much:) Your help will be greatly appreciated:)


Sheri said...

If I were doing a project like that I would use the reformation as my main theme.

Katharine of Aragon was a devout Catholic and Anne Boleyn a staunch reformer.

Much could be learned by comparing the faiths of these women and how it affected their relationships with the King and also how they were viewed by the English people.

Just a thought. Best of luck with your project.

Jacque said...

If you do draw on the differences in their faiths, I would caution you from labeling Anne Boleyn "a staunch reformer." While Anne Boleyn was very interested in some Protestant ideas (reading the Bible in the vernacular language, etc.) and was involved with some Church reform, she still held to some Catholic positions, like those regarding images of saints, and the belief that one gets to heaven by doing good works, not solely through faith, as Protestants believe.

Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn definitely differed regarding the Pope's authority, though, which you might mention. Catherine thought (from what I understand) that the Pope's authority was absolute or something like it and Anne believed the king should be the head of the English church, not the Pope.

tudor fanatic said...

I don't know about a main theme, but I think Sheri's suggestion is certainly a very good idea. However, there are many basic differences and similarities you could mention. Differences include faith and religious convictions, stations in society when born and upbringing etc. Similarities include maybe the fact that neither could give the King a son (only a single daughter) and both were treated arguably badly by Henry.