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Question from Patricia - Information on Thomas Stuckely and Henry VIII's will

i would like as much information as i can. on
thomas stuckely. son of sir hugh stuckley. of
affeton. what i want is the proof of sir
thomas steuckelys background. i need the
information on his illegimacey.

has anyone got any proof that sir thomas was
the son of henry viii and mary berkeley.

did henry the viii leave a will. i did
try for a medieval post mortem. but i don't
think there is one on sir thomas stucleky.

can anyone help me and give me suggestions
on how to find henry viii will. and how
to find out about sir thomas stucley
iiegtmatecy. what do i look for and where do i

thank you for your help patricia


Kathy said...

Patricia, at this late date, the only way you would ever find any proof of Thomas Stukley's parentage would be DNA testing. Since he died in Morocco, I'm not even sure you could find his body, nor does he seem to have left any children. Even if you could obtain his DNA, you would have to find a Tudor to compare it against -- pretty problematical.

Evidence that he is Henry's son is really non-existent. As near as I can tell, there weren't even rumors about him until the 1570's when the Pope and the Spanish deemed him the Duke of Ireland, preparatory to a planned invasion of England through Ireland. The invasion plans ultimately fell apart, but it would certainly have been to their advantage at the time to attempt to give him a royal background, in the hopes of gaining support from Catholic loyalists in England and making his "coup" seem at least semi-legitimate.

I don't believe Stukley himself ever claimed to be Henry's son. Nor is there any evidence Henry was ever involved with Stukley's mother, who was Jane Pollard, not Mary Berkeley.

There is a portrait of Stukley out there somewhere. I haven't seen it, but Kelly Hart in The Mistresses of Henry VIII says it bears no resemblance to Henry.

All in all, you aren't going to find anything. And I think it's unlikely in the extreme that he was Henry's son.

Henry's will is easy to find. A few seconds of googling and you would have found it at:

And, Patricia, may I also suggest you might profit by learning the proper use of punctuation and capitalization? The shift key on your keyboard is there for a reason.

Marilyn R said...

Hi Patricia,

I don't know the first thing about this man but I see there is a book by John Izon written in 1956advertised on Amazon:

Sir Thomas Stuckley C 1525-1578: Izon John: Books

When you go into it it tells you the book is out of print but gives enough detail for you to be able to request it on loan. If you are in the UK your local library should be able to get it through the British Library in London or Wetherby for a small charge. Also, any good County Archives should have the Calendars of Inquisitions Post Mortem and would photocopy what you need if you are unable to get there yourself.

Hope this helps.

Marilyn R said...

The portrait is on

Lara said...

Just testing something, please ignore

Orla said...

Hi Patricia

I've read about him in The Other Tudors by Philippa Jones, to me I personally don't really think he'd be Henry VIII's son. The only reason why it was rumoured was because Henry had spent a night or two at Jane and Hugh Stuckely's house when he was off hunting around 1523 when Henry was chasing Anne Boleyn and losing interest in Catherine of Aragon.
Also what made historians think he might be an illegitimate son was that he was always causing trouble in his 'sibling's reigns with Edward, Mary and Elizabeth and how they seemed to let him away with it. Making some think that he was related to them.

In 1547 he was Henry's standard bearer at Boulogne he was around seventeen. Also during his youth he had served in Charles Brandon's household however his two uncles did as well so either Henry VIII wanted his brother in law to take care of his 'son' or Thomas's uncles really got him the position.
After Henry's death he caused mischief for Henry's successors.
I'd recommend The Other Tudors for more information, from what I read Henry VIII never left him anything or ever awknowledged him.

Sarah said...

Izon John's biography is out of print, but you can get it second-hand on Amazon from £7.25. If you're interested in him, I'd recommend this and The Mistresses of Henry VIII, but I believe they both argue that there is no evidence he was Henry's son. The Other Tudors sounds useful for him too. His ODNB article mentions the rumour in one sentence, and offers no opinion on it.

Kate said...

Truely, for a royal of the time, Henry didn't have all that many mistresses. He acknowledged Henry Fitzroy, the child of his liasion with Bessie Blount, why then would he not have asknowledged other illigimate children?
Kathy, if you can't respond without being condesending, well go back to your books, obviously you are better with them then you are with people

patricia feeney said...

thank you to eveyone that answered

my post on sir thomas stucley. i

am very greatfull for your help.

if he is not related to henry the

viii. could anyone help me with

sir thomas ancestery. his farther

his mother and his grandparents.

i know his grandfarther was sir

lewis pollard. who married agnes

hext. any ancestery or help on sir

lewis pollard and the hext

family. poll tax in inquestion

post mortem. or anything on these

familys you could help me with.

thank you for all of your help