Monday, March 29, 2010

Question from Elizabeth M - Margaret Lee and Anne's imprisonment

I'm not sure of this has been asked before--if so, please forgive the repeat.
I have just finished Alison Weir's The Lady in the Tower, The Fall of Anne Boleyn.
I am curious about Margaret Wyatt Lee. Weir states there is no contemporary evidence that this lady attended Anne Boleyn in the tower or on the scaffold. I have read several places that Margaret Lee was the chief mourner at Anne's funeral--such as it was. Ms. Weir states that since her coffin was not interred until after noon, mass could not be said, and so only a blessing was said over the coffin. I was just wondering of anyone has any thoughts on whether Margaret Lee was there? It seems so strange that with nearly everything about Anne's days in the Tower being noted so copiously, why the identities of the ladies who attended her in her last few days and on the scaffold are so sketchy.


Roland H. said...

There is no proof that Margaret Wyatt attended Anne in the Tower, or that they were even friends.

The supposed close relationship between the two ladies rests only on tradition and on historical fiction.

Luv said...

I find it odd that a lot of fiction novels mention Margaret Wyatt (some use the name Mary Wyatt) as being Anne's closes friend, yet there is no record of her being friends with Anne in the history books. They mention Thomas Wyatt being a friend of Anne and George, yet they do not mention Wyatt's sister. However, I think it's likely Anne would have known Wyatt sister, and it's likely she would have been at court. So is it possible that she was married, and didn't go by the sir name Wyatt?