Sunday, March 07, 2010

Question from szatek-tudor - Chart of Tudor royal bastards

Does anyone have a lengthy geneological chart of tudor royal bastards? My husband, last name Tudor, is much interested in his lineage. Or, would anyone have a good site I could search? One personal note: I'm a Shakespearean by trade and married a Tudor who writes plays! Very cool.

[There has been a lot of discussion of Tudor bastards (usually of Henry VIII) but I don't know if anyone has compiled them into one place? It's something I would like to do, but haven't gotten around to. - Lara]


Lara said...

One more bit -

I thought I had already addressed the "Tudor" surname question elsewhere, but it might have been in an older email response. Anyway, I wanted to mention that last name Tudor doesn't necessarily mean a relation to the royal Tudor family. When Welsh names became anglicized they switched from a patronymic system. So, for example, Thomas ap Tudor ("Thomas, son of Tudor") may have become Thomas Tudor in a new record system.

Kathy said...

Honestly, I wouldn't start at the Tudor era and work your way down a genealogy chart. There are far too many generations there and plenty of dead ends in the charts as many families had large numbers of children, quite a few of whom would have died in childhood.

Start with your husband's family and what he knows about his ancestry. And I think the best place on the internet to start research is at They have access to a lot of material world-wide.

History Chick said...

I agree with Kathy, if your husband wants to know about his lineage, he should start with himself and work his way back. Starting with royalty and work his way forward is difficult because you have no idea which branches to follow and there's no assurance that he is even related to THE Tudor's to begin with. If he is generally interested in his genealogy, it shouldn't matter if he has famous ancestors or not. The best starting point is to go to the oldest living family member he has and ask them about names and dates of other family members and older generations. From there, I would check out

Unknown said...

Thank you Lara, Kathy, and Robin. This was an old query, but still glad you responded. Thank you for your advice.

Unknown said...

Dear Lara, Kathy, and Robin -- if you didn't receive the last blog, I'll state what I said again.

Thank you for your responses. Your advice sounds good.

As you see, the original query was 4 years ago!