Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Question from Bron - Alice More

Where can I find out more about Alice More/Middleton nee Harpur, please? I have just read R. W. Chambers' biography of Sir Thomas More and Alice simply disappears from the account just prior to his execution.


Nasim said...

There is a very short entry on Alice More on the Oxford DNB. The author of the piece, Retha Warnicke, has discussed Alice elsewhere, in the article: ‘Inventing the Wicked Women of Tudor England: Alice More, Anne Boleyn, and Anne Stanhope’, Quidditas: Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association 20 (1999), pp. 11-30.

In the Oxford DNB entry for Alice, Warnicke gives the following sources that you may wish to examine:

R. Norrington, In the shadow of a saint: Lady Alice More (1983).
R. Warnicke, ‘The harpy in More's household: was it Lady Alice?’, Moreana, 22 (1985), pp. 5–13.
W. Roper, ‘The life of Sir Thomas More’, Two early Tudor lives, ed. R. Sylvester and D. Harding (1962)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I will follow up your suggestions.