Friday, January 29, 2010

Question from Kayleigh - Website recommendations

This is a pretty non-specific question. Basically im a web browser, in the sense that i use it to look at things that interest me regularly, so here im wondering if anyone has any Tudor site recommendations aside from this one (which is fantastic by the way Lara). My particular areas of interest are Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Tower of London, Hampton Court, Elizabeth I, but anything Tudor related grabs my interest.

[Thanks Kayleigh! - Lara]


kb said...

Hmmm.... I don't really. There are some sights but they aren't as active, or as helpful as this one - in my opinion.

There was an Anne Boleyn Studies group but no one posted anything new for several months - or I couldn't figure out how to navigate it - so I gave up.

I like the Elizabethan World Compendium over on

Other than that I find the most interesting sites to be digitized primary source sites like
British History Online at

Or - the Holinshed Project at:

I also haunt the internet archive for printed primary sources and early secondary sources (The Stricklands for example)

But then again, I am primarily interested in Elizabeth not the earlier Tudors.

Perhaps others will come up with better suggestions.

Michelle said...

I recommend The Anne Boleyn Files and The Elizabeth Files.Both of these sites hold lots of information on the Tudor and Elizabethan period.I find both websites interesting and educational.This website is also good for information too.
Also you could try the Historical Royal Places website.This website lists all places historic that can be visited and gives the latest information on exhibits plus has information.The places of interest include The Tower Of London and Hampton Court Palace.
I would recommend the first two site though that I have mentioned first.

Evelyn said...

do a google search on, ''tudor history blog''. I got some pretty good results.

Kayleigh said...

Thank you for your help with this. I plan on having a good browse through your recommendations

Rachel said...

My friend has a great wiki sight. It is You should check it out. We talk all things Tudor and everyone is very respectful to one another, unlike other sites I have gone to where the members can be down right vicious. Hope to see you there!

kb said...

Rachel - I tried going to but my browsers couldn't find it. Did I get it wrong?

Kristian said...

kb -
I'm pretty sure Rachel meant
and it seems to be specific to the Showtime series.

kb said...

ahhh... thanks Kristian

Yes, it does seem to be for fans of the Showtime which case I have to say in all sincerity that while it indulges the Tudor geek in all of us, I would warn Kayleigh that historical accuracy will be questionable.

Anonymous said...

Dear KB

Just because we like the showtime series and watch it does not make US historically stupid and inaccurate. Trust me, we are not stupid when it comes to Tudor knowledge just because we like this program. All of is there read Wier, Starkey, Loades, Ives, etc. You would never have to watch the show to post. We hardly EVER talk about the show. We KNOW it is inaccurate.-RACHEL

kb said...

Rachel -

I did not in ANY sense mean to imply that visitors and posters to the site were not avid history fans. While the regulars on that site may know the Showtime series is fictional - Kayleigh may not

I really like the show and, as you may know, I have a doctorate in Tudor history. This is why in my post I used the word 'us' - including me. (The costumes are like a jazz riff on the originals - really fun.)

Lack of historical accuracy is not a judgment of worth or intelligence - only an observation. I adore fiction, especially historical fiction.

As far as the site goes, I admit I found it hard to figure out how to navigate and difficult to find more than one discussion (about the selling of some set pieces from the show).

I did not cast aspersions on the site or the show - merely pointed out, in case the original poster did not know - that the series is fiction and not 100% historically accurate.

Perhaps you saw the YouTube link Lara posted a while ago about what would happen to the Tudor fan base if UK publishers established a moratorium on producing Tudor books for a year. It was filmed like a fake documentary and incredibly funny. In it, the Tudor geeks (and I count myself as one) went through Tudor book withdrawal and one of the characters started burning her Weir, Loades, Ives and Starkey books out of despair.

The point being that fiction about the Tudors, including the Showtime series, drives the large industry of Tudor historical work as much as the other way around. We need both to indulge our inner geek. It's just helpful to know which is which.

Zaria said...

The Tudors on Showtime...has awaken an enormous intrest in many
people who had little knowledge or none at all of The Tudors. The show provides insight of Tudor life. Nothing can be accurate, because, no one was alive during that era, to personally witness all the events...Everyone tries to the best of their knowldege.