Monday, January 04, 2010

Question from Elizabeth M - Record of Jane Grey commenting on Anne Boleyn's religious beliefs

I am currently reading Leanda de Lisle's book on the Grey sisters, and in it, she points out that Jane Grey had respect for Princess Elizabeth and her religious beliefs. Is there any record of Jane ever praising Anne Boleyn for her promotion of evangelical ideology or acknowledging the debt the evangelical movement in England owed to her?


Anonymous said...

In my opinion that is very unlikely. Jane was either not born yet or an infant, when Anne Boleyn was executed and she probably did not hear much about Anne Boleyn's religious beliefs when she grew up. Her maternal family was opposed to Anne Boleyn, I doubt that they talked about her in a good light, if at all.

Unknown said...

No - AB was remembered as a wicked adulteress during Edward's reign - but Jane's tutor John Aylmer did praise Anne Boleyn after Elizabeth became Queen, comparing her to Esther, the biblical Queen who saved the Jews from genocide, best wishes