Sunday, October 11, 2009

Question from Emily - The Tudor period

Hi I was just wondering what period the Tudors lived in. I was wondering wether it was 1600's or 1500's or both?????




Lara said...

I would have answered this directly, but I don't have an email address for Emily, so here goes. And I'm going to probably turn a simple question in to something way too complicated!

The literal Tudor period is August 22, 1485 to March 24, 1603 - the period of time starting with Henry VII winning the crown and going to the death of Elizabeth I. So, it technically is part of the 1400s, spans the entire 1500s and goes in to the 1600s.

To make this complicated though, some people separate out Elizabeth's reign from 1558-1603 as the Elizabethan period. When people then say "Tudor and Elizabethan periods", I think there is an implication that "Tudor" here refers to 1485-1558.

Anyone else have anything to add?

kb said...

I would only add that the 1500's were ALL Tudor and are also referred to as the 16th century - which can seem confusing.

It's the same as saying a baby is in her first year when she may only be 6 months old.

Emily said...

Thanks a heap!

The Rose Crowned said...

The Tudor dynasty began in 1485 and ended in 1603.So technically the whole of the Tudor reign covered 15 years of the 14th centuary,100 years of the 15th and 3 years of the 16th centuary.The Tudor era began with Henry Tudor who became King Henry VII of England after winning the crown to his defeat with Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth,then came Henry VIII,Edward VI,Lady Jane Grey,Mary I,then last but not least Elizabeth I.

I know that some people classify the 1485-1558 period the Tudor Era and 1558-1603 to be the Elizabethan era,but if you think about it logically it was still technically the Tudor period.You could say the early Tudors and the later Tudors.You could also say the Henrican Era and the Elizabethan Era.

Lara said...

The Rose Crowned - Your first paragraph is incorrect. If you noted the comment from KB, she already mentioned this. The 1400s are the 15th century, the 1500s are the 16th century, etc.

Unknown said...

neither it was 1485 to 1603