Monday, February 23, 2009

Question from John - Mary Grey's burial

Just a quick question about Lady Mary Grey, was she really buried in Wesminter Abbey? and if so has anyone ever checked the vault under Frances Grey's tomb to see if there is two coffin's or just one. I visited Westminster last year and there was no mention of Lady mary Grey being buried there.

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Tamise said...

Leanda de Lisle writes the following in ‘The Sisters Who Would Be Queen: The Tragedy of Mary, Katherine and Lady Jane Grey.

‘Elizabeth ordered that Mary Grey should be buried in Westminster Abbey (15). The details of her funeral, lost for four centuries, were unearthed during research for this book at the College of Arms in London, where they had lain ignored as the funeral details of an insignificant daughter of the Earl of Kent.’ (p290)

‘The last sight of Lady Mary was of her small coffin disappearing into her mother’s royal tomb. There she still lies in obscurity with no marker or monument.’ (p291)

15. (Notes Chapter XXVI: A Return to Elizabeth’s Court - Mary’s burial place is mentioned in Westminster Abbey Muniment 6406 and in William Camden’s guide to the Abbey printed in 1600.