Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Question from Tracey - Francis I biography

Francis I of France...I know he's not a Tudor, but he was a big player in the life of Henry VIII...especially in Henry's wish to marry Anne Boleyn.

My question is the whereabouts of the biography of Francis by Leonie Frieda. It was supposed to be published this month (September 2008), but I have yet to find it listed anywhere.



Anonymous said...

According to Amazon.com, the book has a release date of September 13. That's still a few days away. But it is not listed on the publisher's website, not even as "forthcoming." Perhaps there has been a problem in printing or release that caused a delay.

Foose said...

I first ordered that book in February 2007. It's since been deleted from my Amazon account. I've found out when you order that far in advance that frequently the release date changes (see the blog for the delay on Leanda de Lisle's new book). Or sometimes the title mutates into something completely different. And sometimes the book is just cancelled from your order because Amazon has received information that it won't be published.

I don't know what happened to this one. There's no mention of it, reviews, interviews, buzz, etc., on the Internet. Frieda is due to release "Renaissance Women" sometime in 2010; perhaps she put the Francis I book aside to concentrate on the other one. You can still sign up on Amazon.com (not Amazon.co.uk, where it's disappeared) to receive a notification when the Francis I book becomes available. You can still pre-order it from Amazon.ca (Canadian Amazon, an occasionally useful workaround for Tudor obsessives).

Anonymous said...

I checked amazon too and got the same info phd historian did. It's probably just been delayed. That happens more than you would think. If you really need it, pre-order. Most times amazon manages to get pre-orders out before the official release date.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help!

I can't remember where I first heard about this book...maybe on the 'Recommendations for Tracey" part of Amazon.com?

Went back and played a bit more, and noticed that I did sign-up for an alert from Amazon when the book was published.

Let's hope Freida did continue with her effort. Her bio of Catherine de Medici was brilliant.