Friday, September 12, 2008

Possible blog posting interruptions and delays

Courtesy of Hurricane Ike --

The odds are good that I won't have much in the way of satellite internet access starting sometime this evening and lasting until sometime Saturday evening given the rain we're expecting from Hurricane Ike. It might just end up being windy with only some light rain in my area, but we'll just have to see. So, there probably won't be any new questions posted or comments approved until Saturday evening or sometime on Sunday.


Well, we ended up with a very breezy day, but no rain in my area. A little rain would have actually been a good thing since we need it, but given a choice between no rain and way too much rain, I'll take no rain!


Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes all right for you, Lara!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Lara. I've been through too many hurricanes to even remember. (I was born in Florida.) And get back here when you get the chance and have the wherewithall to do it!

kb said...

Hang in there Lara.

Anonymous said...

Where are you located relative to Ike's projected landfall? Sounds like you might be well away from the center of activity. I have friends with a high-rise condo on East Beach near Apffel Park and the bay inlet, on the seaward side of the seawall. They are getting hammered.

Lara said...

So far so good... it's been very windy, but very little rain.

I'm well inland (probably 180 from the landfall), but we were a little worried about the size of the storm and the exact track it would take after landfall. Since it ended up going more towards due north, I think it kept those of us in the eastern parts of Central Texas from getting too much rain. I'm glad it didn't take the track the models were predicting three days ago, when they had a category 2 hurricane sitting on my house!

Anonymous said...

Hope all well with you Lara. Fortunately we don't get much in the way of hurricanes here in the UK! Look forward to hearing you are OK and up and running again.

Foose said...

"In this yere through bookes of Emphymerydes and Pronosticacions made and calculate by
Astronomers, the people were sore affrayde for the sayd writers declared that this yere
should be suche Eclipses in watery signes, and suche conjunctions that by waters & fluddes
many people should perishe the last the Astronomers for their excuse said that in their computacion they had
mistaken and miscounted in their nomber an hundreth yeres."

They had Astronomers, we have Weather Tracking Models. I am glad the Prognosticacions and Ephymerydes were wrong as far as your house is concerned!